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The pillars of our workouts- Dance Cardio, Yoga Flow, and Body Tone give you the option to choose which modality best suits where you're at on your fitness journey. From Sweat Dripping and High Intensity to Grounding and Low Impact, each class works the entire body and will serve as the Yin to your Yang. OR, the Yang to your Yin.

You choose! 

"After giving birth I felt very weak and unmotivated, especially from gaining 48 pounds. But, Nicky got me back on my feet by pushing me slowly, working on my core, and allowing my body to take its time to rebuild in the way it really needed. I would leave our sessions feeling happy and ready to take on my day with a crying new born! I never worked out to look like a model. I worked out to feel confident and strong for my son and Nicky made me feel exactly that. He got me back on my feet and for that I am thankful."


-Ayah Tabari, Founder of All Things Mochi


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