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Hi! I'm Nicky...

A Broadway dancer and pasta lover who's shuffled back home to Buffalo.


As a health coach, I'm here to make living an elevated life full of boundless energy your new reality. 

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Like any worthwhile venture in life, the inner workings of becoming truly fit involve a bit of diligence and navigation. But, rest assured that any amount of hard work we engage in together will be met with joy, laughter, and perhaps some pasta. Because, life is too short not to eat pasta!

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"After giving birth I felt very weak and unmotivated, especially from gaining 48 pounds. But, Nicky got me back on my feet by pushing me slowly, working on my core, and allowing my body to take its time to rebuild in the way it really needed. I would leave our sessions feeling happy and ready to take on my day with a crying new born! I never worked out to look like a model. I worked out to feel confident and strong for my son and Nicky made me feel exactly that. He got me back on my feet and for that I am thankful."


-Ayah Tabari, Founder of All Things Mochi


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