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Meet Nicky

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  • PN Certified Nutrition Coach

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance RYT

  • CHEK Certified Functional Health Coach 

A dancer since birth (ask his mom)  Nicky grew up in Lancaster, NY honing his skills at the Dance Spectrum. His passion for dance led him to pursue a career in musical theatre where he most recently worked as the Dance Captain for the Broadway musical WICKED.

In an effort to balance out the physical impact of 8 shows a week and find a sense of calm in the midst of the NYC storm, Nicky began a focused yoga practice. Having experienced a profound and positive shift in not only the way his body felt, but his ability to approach everyday situations with a greater sense of calm, he decided to dig deeper into the yogic teachings and become a certified instructor. 

Never one to sit still for too long, Nicky decided to try a Dance Cardio class in the city one day for fun. To say that his soul was set a blazin is a drastic understatement! Something about the pop music mixed with fun moves and sweaty endorphin release made him feel like a carefree kid again and he was instantly hooked! Soon after Nicky began teaching Dance Cardio himself at a boutique NYC studio before heading to the theatre each night for the show. 


multi passionate love for fitness is what motivates Nicky to help others along their unique wellness journey. If you believe in yourself- even just a little bit- living an energized and vibrant life is not just possible, it's within your reach. 

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