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How do I sign up for classes?

Head over to and click the Studio Classes tab. Choose which class and/or package you would like to book and hit the BOOK NOW button to be led through the simple booking process. Feel free to email if you need any assistance booking your class or private coaching session. 

Do I need dance experience to take Dance + Tone or Just Dance!?

Not at all! Our dance based workouts are meant for everyone. Even those with two left feet! The simple choreography is broken down and repeated throughout the class making it easy to pick up. The goal is progress NOT perfection, so just let loose and keep your body moving! 

Do I need to be flexible to take Flow + Tone?

Nop! Though Flow + Tone is based in Vinyasa Yoga, there's no need to turn yourself into a pretzel! Blocks and modifications are used to help navigate around any areas of stiffness in the body to ensure that you are still able to get the most out of the class. 

What should I wear to class?

For Dance + Tone and Just Dance!, its recommended to wear comfortable and supportive workout attire. Keep in mind that when taking these classes you'll be getting pretty hot and sweaty so choosing material that breathes is a good idea! Most importantly, be sure to have supportive sneakers for these classes as there will be a lot of jumping! 

For Flow + Tone wearing supportive and breathable attire is recommended. Regular socks, grippy socks, or bare feet are the best options for footwear! 

Who can participate in group classes at Nicky Venditti Fitness + Wellness?

All classes at NV Fitness + Wellness are meant for ages 16 + and people at all fitness levels. If under the age of 18, a parent or guardian signature is required to participate in class. 

Can I take class if I'm injured? 

It is recommended to consult with your doctor or physician before attending class while injured. We also advise personal training sessions. Please be sure to inform your instructor of your injury before class so that proper modifications can be suggested. 

Can I take class while pregnant? 

Yes, we work with women during and post pregnancy. It is strongly encouraged to get approval from your doctor before taking class. Please be sure to inform your instructor that you're pregnant before class so that proper modifications can be suggested. 

Do you offer Personal Training? 

Yes! Nicky is a NASM and Chek certified personal trainer and certified Functional Health Coach through Chek and IFHC. For more info on these services and to book your free consultation, head to the Private Coaching page. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment? 

We use and provide cushy mats, free weights, mini circle bands and yoga blocks for classes. You are welcome to bring your own props to class if you prefer!

Do you have parking?

Yes. There is plenty of free parking in the lot in front of our entrance. 

Do you have changing rooms/ showers?

We have two separate changing rooms and do not have a shower currently. 

What is your cancellation policy for group classes and private training? 

All group classes must be canceled within 12 hours and all private training sessions must be canceled within 24 hours. If canceled within less time of these parameters no refund will be given. 


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to fill out a client waiver and meet your instructor. 

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